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Progression at Churchill – Meet Raphael Sagula

Raphael Sagula is our London operations director and lead for Portfolio, our high-specification cleaning service. He started working for us in March 2018 as an account manager on our contract with a London-based European Bank.

But he began his career in facilities management as a cleaning operative, working night shifts in supermarkets.

‘I was promoted through the ranks until I was responsible for the management of cleaning operations on a national scale,’ he said.

‘This was followed by a move to distribution, where I took a lead role in mobilisation of new contracts and the implementation of operational excellence.

‘Now, supported by a team of directors and managers, I oversee a division of corporate and commercial contracts, and lead our high-end cleaning division, Portfolio.  I joined Churchill at a time when London was expanding into the corporate environment, and I was able to quickly understand the goals for the sector and apply my skills to support it.

‘I built a model that proved successful for the growth and retention of one contract and was then fortunate enough to be trusted by Churchill’s London leadership team to roll it out to similar clients.

‘The feedback and engagement I have received since has been phenomenal, it has helped raise my profile within the company, as I have shared what I have learned and coached a wide range of leaders in our business. Within a period of four years I was fortunate to have received three promotions, allowing me to move from contracts management to regional management and, ultimately, to my current role where I oversee a bigger London portfolio, with the same focus on operational excellence to lead contract growth and retention.

‘I am privileged to be among the most talented group of leaders in the FM business. I feel part of the decisions that lead the company forward and I am involved in matters that that define its culture and ethos. I also enjoy the fact that I get the chance to learn new things every day.

‘I love the positive energy around people in Churchill. The workplace is filled with individuals who are routinely coached to succeed. So much of that process is ingrained in our culture that it often happens without them noticing. For me, this shows how high the duty of care is from one to another. We all want the person next to us to succeed and it is contagious.’