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Meet apprentice Joseph Hunter

As part of Learning at Work Week we look at IT service desk analyst Joseph Hunter’s experience of doing an apprenticeship with us.

He works at Churchill’s Gateshead office and is doing a level three IT service desk analyst apprenticeship, which is equivalent to two A-levels.

‘I am really enjoying the work I am doing,’ he said. ‘It is helping me gain knowledge, as well as improving my teamwork and customer service skills.

‘I am planning to continue working in the IT industry and am eventually aiming to become a cybersecurity engineer. The apprenticeship programme is developing my skills in a working environment.

‘It is providing me with an array of skills – like how to troubleshoot issues and how to solve complex problems and I am finding it very helpful in my day-to-day work.

‘Before I started working for Churchill, I was studying level 2 IT at Gateshead College and the apprenticeship builds on the knowledge I gained there.

‘I am really enjoying my role, I am learning new skills and creating a good working relationship with my team and the IT users that I help.’

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